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San Francisco CPA's Help Businesses and Individuals

Accounting for San Francisco businesses involves intelligent financial analysis and not just the mere recording of historical data.  You need INFORMATION, not just numbers.  You need an accounting firm that will help you in the future and not just talk about the past.

WHY Hire An Accountant Who Only Records Data and Doesn't Help Your Business Grow?

You need a CPA who helps develop your business instead of one who only records its history on tax forms.

We believe that accountants should help their clients achieve financial success by providing quality, ethical services that help the businesses and individuals understand their financial situation. We speak in clear English instead of accounting-ese.

San Francisco CPA's for Business and Entrepreneurial Individuals

Charles R. Sterck and Geoffrey P. Kulik are the San Francisco-based partners of one of the Bay Area's fastest growing accounting firms, Sterck Kulik O'Neill.  They are skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing businesses and their owners the tools and information they need to achieve financial success.

Sterck Kulik O'Neill clients look to the firm for solutions to all of their financial needs.  Sterck Kulik O'Neill is careful to relate fiscal reports and financial statements to the real world.  They help clients understand the meaning behind the numbers, and work with clients to improve business and personal financial practices.

CPA Team Commitments to YOU

As a client of Sterck Kulik O'Neill you can expect the following standards to be applied to our relationship with you:

  •  You will receive friendly, courteous, awesome service. You will be respected and not taken for granted.
  •  Our services and products will rarely, if ever, be the cheapest on the market. They will, however, always be of an exceptional quality and value, designed to provide you with the intended benefit to you.
  •  You have a right to know what our services will cost and how our charges are determined. You may arrange to pay for certain services with a fee that is agreed upon in advance.
  •  If our services or products fail to meet your expectations or to provide you with the intended benefit, you may always choose not to pay the bill.
  •  We will communicate with you often to build a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship. We encourage your frequent communication with us and will never charge you for short phone calls.

More Information for You

Visit the San Francisco CPA firm's main website to learn more about our San Francisco accounting services and for lists of seminars and additional background information. 

Learn more about the San Francisco partners of Sterck Kulik O'Neill by reviewing the facts on Geoffrey Kulik or Charles Sterck.

Check out our San Francisco financial district location.

And, most importantly, contact a San Francisco CPA and let us know how we can help you.